Starting a new program

If you are interested in starting a new program we’re here to help.

Below are answers to the questions we are most frequently asked. If you can’t find what you need to know here – or would prefer to speak to someone at ABPA please contact us.

Q. Where do I get the signs?
A. The signs are provided free of charge by the Provincial Program but the Program pays the shipping.

Q. How much money will we need?
A. There is a yearly registration fee which varies according to population. Most of the Programs in Alberta are fairly small so usually the cost per year is $30.00. You may need other funds to help promote the Program in your community but do not hesitate to ask small businesses in your area to help out.

Q. How many people are needed to form a committee?
A. Ideally you should have at least three. Preferably a chairperson, a secretary/treasurer and one other. If there is a bank account then there must be two people with signing authority who are not related. The committee ensures the smooth operation of the Program.

Block Parent Application Form pdf.