About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of the Block Parent® Program is to provide immediate assistance through a safety network and offer supportive community education programs.


The mandate of the  Block Parent® Program is: • to assure that there is a minimum of one Block Parent® Window Sign in each community (Business or residential); and • to provide a network of security screened, easily recognizable, safe homes or businesses for members of the community, especially children, to turn to in times of distress; and/or • to educate children about the Block Parent® Program, safety on the streets and within the home; and/or • to develop promotions and materials to educate the community about the Block Parent® Program and personal safety; and/or • to work together with the police, school boards and other community groups toward safer communities.


The  Block Parent® Program started in 1968 by a dedicated group of volunteers.

How does the Block Parent® Program work?

Block Parents are responsible adults who care sufficiently about the well-being of children and others to volunteer their homes as a temporary refuge in an emergency. All Block Parents are screened by the police and are given instructions on the program by local volunteers. The Block Parent® window sign is shown only when someone over the age of 18 is available to answer the door. If the sign is not displayed, this does not mean that no one is home, only that the Block Parent® is not available to offer immediate assistance. In addition to the primary goal of making communities safer for children, the Block Parent® Program deters criminals and trouble makers. The network of Block Parent® homes is a visible reminder that citizens are watchful in their neighborhood.