Business Block Parent

Purpose of the Business Block Parent® Program

The purpose of this very worthwhile program is to provide more approved “safe locations” in a concentrated business section of a community. The business section of a community that uses this program is generally considered to be one that, due to its geography, has few possible residential Block Parent locations in the downtown core. It has been designed basically for smaller type family businesses, not large many-employee type businesses.

Business Block Parent® Decal

All participating Business Block Parent locations display a red and white decal on their store door or window, which can be clearly seen by pedestrians. This decal is permanently affixed to the door/window and is removed only if the business discontinues its involvement with the Block Parent Program. It is recommended that the decal be placed close to the “Store Hours” or “Open/Closed” sign on the door or window.

The Local Block Parent® Program

The local Block Parent® Program will keep in close contact with all Business Program locations in their community. They must ensure all proper forms have been completed. It is their responsibility to educate the community about this program and act as the liaison between the local Police Service and the local participating businesses. All aspects of the Criteria must be strictly adhered to.

Who Can Be a Business Block Parent® Location?

Any local business wishing to participate in the Business Block Parent® Program must be approved by the local Block Parent® Program. Each business participating in this program must complete all the necessary forms (provided by the local program) and fulfill all the requirements as set out in the Criteria.

The Business Block Parent® Location

The employer and all employees of an approved Business Block Parent location must complete an application to become a Block Parent®. There must be an employee 18 years of age or older in the business during operating hours. Some requirements set out in the Criteria are as follows:
a) maximum number of employees is eight (8).
b) the employer and each employee will be screened following the Block Parent® Program of Canada Inc.’s Safe Steps Screening Process. One step includes an initial Police Records Check and a rescreening every two years and
c) no establishment used for entertainment purposes or licensed to sell beer, wine or liquor will be accepted as a Business Block Parent location The employer/employee of an approved Business Block Parent® location is expected to offer assistance to anyone who seeks refuge in their store when they:
• are frightened by a stranger
• have witnessed an incident of indecent exposure
• are hurt, lost or sick

The employer/employee is not expected to:
• administer first aid
• transport children in their car
• offer food or drink
• offer use of the washroom facilities, or let them loiter in the store

Please contact us if you are interested in registering to be a Business Block Parent®.