Seniors and Safety

People Helping People

For over 40 years, the Block Parent® Program has been helping to make our communities safer. Police, government departments, educators, sponsors and volunteers support the Block Parent® goal of providing safer communities. The Block Parent® sign is a symbol of safety and the people who display the Block Parent® sign are responsible, community minded citizens who are screened by the police and are trained to extend a helping hand.

We’ll be there for you.

While the Block Parent® Program was primarily designed for children, our network of safe homes can also be used by seniors in times of distress. Block Parent® can summon police, fire department, medical services or other agencies to help you. If you feel ill, vulnerable, distressed or lost while in your community – or elsewhere – simply look for a house displaying the red and white Block Parent® sign.

You can help too.

If you would like to help make your community safer, become a Block Parent. Our volunteers also assist in school presentations, participate in different local activities and assist local Block Parent® Committees in a number of valuable community initiatives. Block Parents are not required to admit anyone into their home. If someone needs your help, you can safely communicate through a locked door to get the information you need to offer assistance. You’ll help them and you’ll be safe too!.

Keeping safe!

Always walk in well-lit areas…walking with a companion is safer. • Walk with confidence and be aware of your surroundings – look for the Block Parent® sign!
• Carry identification with you at all times.
• Keep your doors locked at all times.
• Never display large sums of money in public.
• Report all suspicious activity to the police.
• Never open your door to a stranger until you are satisfied with their identity and the purpose of their visit.
• Get to know your neighbors.